In year 1995, 9 members of GHANGAPUR who were interested to serve for the devoties have decided to do ANNA DASOHA for visitors of SHREE DATTA MAHARAJ, Ghanagapur.

Later in year 1997 ANNADASOHA has been grown and with the same 9members, SHREE DATTATREYA ANNA DANA Trust (Anna Kshetra mandale) has been established. In early days of 1997 nearly 2000 to 3000 of datta devoters took datta Prasad in shree dattatreya anna dana trust. Daily Twice i.e, 12-2 in afternoon and 8 to10 at night the Datta Prasad has been served. Same procedure was maintained for one year, further in 1998-08-10 trust got registered. It was taken forward with addition of more members in the trust.

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Initially the place of ANNADANA was not owned by the Trust, Later in year 2003 Trust members have decided and owned 1 Acre 40 Gunte of land for the same. on the other hand devotees have increased from 2000-3000/day to 4000/day plus for DATTAMAHA PRASAD

In year 2005, A building named SHREE DATTATRAYA ANNADANA Trust, was constructed at the same land which was owned by the trust. Where in they constructed Rooms for visitors and devotees to stay. The work of building and rooms is in under Process for future use of Datta Devoters.

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In Shree Dattatreya Annadana Trust the devoters are increasing day-by-day. In this great work the datta devoters are lending their belongings (money, gold) which is helpful for annadana as well as for constructions of buildings.

This Trust Is Exempted Under Section 80(G) Of The Income Tax.