For ANNADANA if the devoter donatees Rs 1001 that day the Anna Dana will be provided on the respective name, and if the person wants to be permanently with the trust permanently he have to pay Rs 5001 or he may deposit more amount in bank (yearly on which day he wanted to provide Anna Dana that time the trust takes the interest of the deposited amount and that day they will provide the Anna Dana on his name).

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The Datta Devoters can Donates any thing (costlier or cheper )thats reciept will be given by the trust .The donaters may be their present at the time of Anna Dana . If he wont be their at the time of Anna Dana ,Beoff of his and his family name the sankalpa will be made and the AnnaDana will be provided to the Datta devoters. After that the maha prasad will be sent to the denoters to his/her home by post if and only if he anable to come that day .In the trust any kind of donation will be recieves but the recipts will be gives for that.If the any denoters will not want to Donate to the trust directly they may donates by MONEY ORDER,CHEQUE,DD ,etc. Or They may deposite in bank directly on the below given accounts.

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Donation Anna Dana Accounts:

Account Details: State Bank of Hyderabad, Branch Deval Ghanagapur.
Account Number: 52171350645

IFSC Code: SBIN0020270
Account Details: Bank of Maharashtra: Branch Chawdapur.
Account Number: 20172512082

IFSC Code: MAHB 0000512
Account Details: Bank of Maharashtra: Branch Chawdapur (Bhakth Nivas Building).
Account Number: 20172527928

IFSC Code: MAHB 0000512
E-Mail ID:

This above banks addresses are belongs to SHREE DATTATERYA ANNA DANA Trust Shree kshetra Ghanagapur. Dist. Gulberga-585212 donators can donate on this address..

We wish that the many donators can donates and be with the trust.

Shree ksharta Ghanagapur so soonly intruducing the own Anna kshetra new building and bhakta nivas in Ghanagapur.


This Trust Is Exempted Under Section 80(G) Of The Income Tax.