1. Kakdarti                          06:00 AM
2. Abhishek                          10:30 AM
3. Chanting Of Guruchritra                          10:30 AM
4. Maha Prasada (Navidya)                          12:30 Noon
5. Aarati from Devotees                          01:00 Noon
6. Free Prasadam (Meals)                          01:00 Noon
7. Contineous Chanting                          
8. Nanda Deepam                          
9. Evening Aarati                          07:00 PM
10. Maha Mangalarati from Devotees                          08:00 PM
11. Free Prasadam (Meals)                          09:00PM to                         10:30 PM

      12. NOTE: Free Meals is Provided for all Devotees Arrived.

13. BHAKT NIVAS: Here Attached and common rooms are available for the Residence of the devotees by receiving donations only. Well constrected building and modern type attached bathrooms are available in bhaktnivas for the datta devoters. The rooms will Be provided to the datta devoters by receving the donations only . The Bhaktnivas have the well atmospheric area and here good Stay with family.


1. CHAITRA SHUDH PRATIPAD: Mangal snan(Bath), Nimb Bakshan (Neelm Flower with Sweet eating), Panchang Pathan, Special Maha Prasad arrangement is made for devotes on this day.

2. Celebration of Ram Navami.

3. CHAITRA SHUDH POORNIMA-HANUMAN JAYANTI On this day special tested meals is arranged.

4. VAISHAK SHUDH TRATIYA- on this day special pooja and maha Prasad is arranged.

5. Aashad shudh Yekadashi: Special pooja and programs are arranged on Lord PANDURANG VITHALA, Due to fast on this day Only tiffin arrangement is made.

6. Ashad mas shudh poornima: On this day special maha Prasad arrangement is made, on eve of NARASHIMHA SARASWATI GURU Continuous chanting, and Continuous chanting of Gurucharitra, during sharavan shudh pratipad upto sripad srivallabh Jayanti, and every Monday RUDRABHISHEKH is performed from Brahmins. During the sravan maas on Monday at after noon And night, there will be only tiffin arrangement.

7. BHADRAPAD SHUDH CHATURTHI: Due to SRIPAD SRIVALLABH JAYANTI and Ganesh pratistapaana (Installation) special Pooja with mahaprasad is arranged.

8.ASHWINI SHUDH DASHMI (DASARA): According to hindu customes and traditions all programs are being celebrated and Mahaprasad is distributed.

9.ASHWINI KRISHNA PAKSHA DWADASHI (Guru-Dwadashi): Naividya, Aarati and Anna santarpana is made.

10. ASHWINI KRISHNA PAKSHA CHATURDASHI: During this daymangal snan (Holey Bath) and Asta tirth snan for seva devotes, Aarati and distribution of Prasad is arranged.

11. KARTIK SHUDH PRATIPAD: Celebration of new year, maha laxmi pooja,daftar(Accounts Ledger) pooja and is arranged.

12. KARTIK MASS POORNIMA (TRIPARI POORNAMA): During this day special pooja and mahaprasad is arragened.

13. MAARGSHIS CHATURDASHI: Due to DATTA JAYANTI maha Prasad is arranged for the uncountable devoters.On this holy Day our sri Dattatraya Anna danna Trusut is ESTABLISHED.

14. POUSH SHUDH DWITIYA: This day is JAYANTI OF SRIMANRASHIMA SARASWATI MAHARAJ.On this day Government, And private society ,Board workers and officials are invited and Honoured finally MAHAPRASAD is disteibuted.

15. MAAGH KRISHNA PAKSHA PRATIPAD TO CHATURTI: On this day on eve of NIJANAND AGAMANA Meals is arranged in From of Mahaprasadam to the uncountable devoters visited.

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