Guru Charitra

Siddha Muni Guides Namdharak.

      Namdharak was greatly amazed to see the dream. He awoke and began to proceed further on his path. While going he was all the time thinking over the dream, he had seen in the previous night. He now observed that similar personality, alike that seen by him in the dream was coming from the front. He prostrated himself humility before him and said, "You are my mother and father. Kindly favor me, an orphan child. Kindly tell me your name and place of residence."

      The Siddha Muni said, "I am a Yogi. I live on earth and in heaven also. I have been visiting holy places and now I have come here. I am a disciple of Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswathi, who resides at Gangapur near Sangam, the meeting place of the Bhima and Amaraja rivers. He is in the incarnation of Thrimurties and always found in meditation. He has come to this earth for the salvation of his devotees. His devotees get food, cows and other wealth in abundance"

     Hearing this Namdharak asked him, "Though my forefathers have been devotees of Shri Guru for generations, why should be in such adverse conditions? Will you kindly satisfy me in this respect?"

     Shri Siddha said,"You say that you worship Shri Guru and yet complain adversities. Then it seems that you are not worshiping Shri Guru wholeheartedly. Even if Shri Vishnu or Shri Shiva is angry with his devotee, Shri Guru can surely protect him. But if Shri Guru is enraged, even Shri Vishnu or Shiva cannot protect him."

     Namdharak said, "Kindly tell me why Shri Guru is said to be the incarnation of Trimurti - Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. How is it that if Shri Guru is enraged none else can protect? Where can I find this reference? Kindly explain all this to me, so that my mind would become more firm in devotion"


     Shri Siddha said, "Four Vedas came out as utterances of four headed Brahma. From the Vedas 18 Puranas were construed. Brahma Vaivarta is one of these and it is stated in it that in the Dwapara Yug, Vyasa, the Vishnu incarnate, spread the light of knowledge on Earth, through such volumes known as Brahma Sutras. Rishis and Munis listened to the tales from Vyasa, which I am narrating to you.

     "Once upon a time, Kaliyug asked Brahma about the Greatness of Shri Guru".

     Namdharak intervened asking, "Why did Brahma narrate this to Kali?"

     Shri Siddha proceeded saying, "In the start of evolution Adinarayan, Shri Vishnu was lying on a leaf of Vat. He desired and lotus came out of his umbilicus. On it was seated Brahma, who looked to the four directions and he got four heads. He thought that he was all Supreme. Realizing this Shri Vishnu smiled and said "Ah, I am here, bow to me". Brahma bowed to him and praised him. Being pleased Shri Vishnu asked Brahma to create this Universe. Shri Vishnu gave him four Vedas and also told him to create this world according to the process given in the Vedas.

     Brahma then created this World, which has several animate and inanimate things such as:-

1) Swedaj: those born of perspiration as bugs etc.

2) Andaj: those coming out of eggs as birds,

3) Jaraj: those begetting from placenta i.e., womb as human beings and

4) Udbhij: i.e. coming out of earth i.e. plants, creepers, trees etc. Similarly Brahma created three Lokas (Worlds.).This process of creation has been stated in the Brahma Vaivarta Purana in the following manner: -

     Brahma called every Yug one after the other and asked him to go on Earth. First came Krita Yug, who did not speak a lie was learned and devoid of family attachments, had sacred thread and necklace of Rudraksha-beads around the neck. He said, "The people of Earth speak a lie, and are sinful. How can I go and stay there? Brahma said, "Stay there for some time. I shall be sending another Yug to follow you".

     Then came Treta Yug. Fat in body possessed articles of sacrifice in his hands. In this Yug people performed sacrifices and abode by the rules of religions and rituals and most of them were Brahmins.

     After the Treta Yug, Dwapara Yug is approached Brahma. He had arrows and other weapons in his hands. He was both kind and wicked. Virtue and sin were both visible in him.

     Lastly Kali Yug was called for ghost like appearance, thoughtless heart, old age, struggling and despising mentality were his characteristics. He came before Brahma and began dancing and uttering childish words. At one moment he laughed, at another he welted and then abused anybody. Seeing him in such strange mood, Brahma asked, "Why are you naked and abusing so fifthly?"

     Kali replied, "I shall win over people by these two means. I am not afraid of anybody."

     Brahma smiled and told me to go the Earth and show the influence of his evil intentions.

     Kali said, "I selfish, destroyer of Dharma, I like quarrel, despising and I long for the wealth and wives of others. I am a friend to those who pretend to be a saint and I am an enemy of all the virtuous."

     Brahma told him, "In Kali Yug the span of life of the human beings would be only hundred years. In the former Yugas, as the life span was too long people followed the path of penance and devotion in order to attain supreme knowledge. In Kali Yug, a man can attain salvation, the observing penance and devotion for less time. You should help such virtuous persons."

     Kali said," Such virtuous men are my enemies. I am afraid of such persons. How should I then go to the Earth?" Brahma said, "Take Kal and Atma with you. They will destroy the religious mindedness and even induce virtuous persons to commit sins."

     Shri Vishnu said, "Whatever devoted service you have rendered to your Guru, has been received by me. I love such disciples very much. I am under his influence and I willingly offer him my blessings. I like wife's devotion to her husband, bowing to Brahmins. Ascetics and Sanyasis, and such persons come to my place in the end."

     Shri Vishnu said, "Amen! We offer you what you desire. You have known Guru and also experienced Par-Brahma in yourself. The word Guru contains only two alphabets; still it is the ocean of nectar. One, who dips into it even for a moment, will cross this worldly ocean. One who always remembers Guru is respected in all Lokas."

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